Polina dress pattern test + giveaway

Polina dress WenSJe

This post will be in English, so Olga, the lady behind Coffee+Thread patterns can join in on reading. She’s such a¬†dedicated pattern designer who must have had no sleep and lots of chocolate ūüėČ the past two weeks.
I think her latest pattern is the reason why the sun decided to show up this weekend. The Polina dress is a very twirly, sunny and girly dress. Although most of my sewing isn’t that girly at all, I love how Jente her new Polina dress turned out.
Polina dress WenSJe

Barbara told me that there was a search for Coffee + Thread pattern testers (thanks Barbara!). I was too late to sign up, yet Olga told me she could use another tester. I was thrilled to do something completely different than sew Lena dresses all week long (although my addiction that made me publish the pattern is not tempered yet, you’ll see :-)). Slightly more advanced project than the Lena dress though, this Polina. But just as fulfilling. Credits to Olga for the very clear instructions that made a knit fabric sewer such as myself feel confident.

 Polina dress WenSJe
There are several ruffle and skirt options. I chose the long ruffles and the gathered skirt. For the ties on the back, there are also two options. Here, you see small ties. For the button placket on the back, I could’ve used some very fancy buttons. Could’ve, if these snaps weren’t looking at me, saying: “Pick me, you don’t have time for making button holes and to go out and buy decent buttons.” Next time, I promise.
Because this was a pattern test, I used this very cheap mint colored fabric. In the end, when it turned out fine, I pimped the skirt with triangles I cut out of flock foil scraps.

I personally think ironing is out of style, except for ironing on the flock foil. And that was risky business here with Jente¬†insisting on ‘helping’.


In the final and even prettier version of the pattern, the armholes reach a little higher and the frills are slightly smaller too.
 Polina dress WenSJe
The Lady of the house wasn’t very happy about posing. I braided her hair while we were reading, but after rolling around in the couch, there was nothing left of my braiding effort. Enter the fast and simple ponytail. I also had to bribe her with cookies to get her to pose. The only miscalculation in my plan was that she didn’t understand the concept of bribery just yet. She only wanted the cookies…
Polina dress WenSJe
It got better when we started practicing some words: “Poooooolina” ūüôā
Just so you know. After this exhausting photoshoot, we went to the playground. Slightly more enthousiasm on her side.
Polina dress WenSJe
I’m already thinking of many ways¬†to hack this pattern, so this will not be the last Polina you’ll see here.
You can find more inspiration and info on the Coffee+Thread blog.
Just as in love with these frills and summery vibe?
Buy the Polina dress in the Coffee+Thread shop. It’s on sale until Tuesday, 21st of March for $7.00 instead of $9.00. If you join the Facebook group of Coffee & Thread, you find a code for an extra 10% discount.
Coffee+Thread is also giving away 2 yards of this beautiful Cotton+Steel fabric and one Polina dress pattern. Enter the giveway here!
Fabric: Mint cotton fabric with flock foil triangles (Stoffenspektakel)
Shoes: Thrift store